Improv class for expats in Krasnodar

Dear Friends,

If you are now in Krasnodar, you speak English and are interested in having some fun while acquiring new skills and developing your «creative mind», then come to the weekly Improv class, which would be taught entirely in English.

Improv, be that comedy or theatre improvisation in a wider sense, is a very special practice. It offers great opportunities for developing personal and social  skills, apart from just being really fun and enjoyable form of social interaction.

In terms of personal development, improvisation offers the following:

  1. Creative thinking. First option is never an option in Iprov. We always look for the second, third and further. That’s where great ideas come from.
  2. Speed. Your thinking becomes free and quick. You learn to trust your gut and intuition. You finally get to a point where you cease control and just witness how your creativity unfolds.
  3. Imagination, which is far more precious than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, while imagination is where all the discoveries and insights originate.
  4. Focusing on what is already here, seeing the good in what is.
  5. Discovering resources and opportunities, rather than stumbling upon obstacles.

In terms of social skills, you may see how the very basic principles of improvisation might benefit you. Here are some of those principles:

  1. «Yes, and…». We always say yes, to whatever our partner offers. We build on it, we may give it the most unexpected turn, but we always accept it first. People who practice this in improv classes quite soon notice how it gets into their lives and makes their social interactions so much more effective and enjoyable.
  2. Focusing and being here-and-now. Good improvisations asks you to be here-and-now, rather than being stuck in past memories, regrets, etc., or future expectations, dreams or anxieties. Just here-and-now, trusting yourself, trusting your partners and the whole situation.
  3. Taking care of your partners. Improvisation is about being kind and generous. If we are kind and generous towards each other, we create something truly wonderful in the improv. If we turn self-absorbed and greedy, aiming at becoming the only star, the whole thing gets screwed up. This kindness, generosity, and team leadership is also something you learn on the stage, bur then what becomes a very valuable asset in your life.

The class will be held on either Wednesday or Saturday evening. We need at least 4 participants to get started. Class lasts about 2 hours, and the price is 750 rubles.

The class is led by Evgeny Niva – psychotherapist, gestalt practitioner, actor and co-founder of the improvisational theatre #playbackopen. Evgeny teaches improv, emotional intelligence, team leadership and awareness-based practices.